Farnam’s Fixed Income Portfolio provides a reliable income stream by investing in investment grade fixed income securities..Portfolio primarily invests in Australian corporate bonds and listed fixed income.

Model Portfolio Name Farnam Fixed Income Portfolio
Investment Manager Farnam Investment Management
Investment Objective To provide a return comprised of a secure and predictable income stream with moderate capital growth.  The portfolio aims to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index on an annual basis.
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index
Investment Universe The portfolio will primarily comprise of Australian Fixed Income including corporate bonds, listed sub-debt, listed hybrids, term deposits and cash. Dependent on market conditions the portfolio may also invest in international corporate bonds and government bonds.
Investment Strategy To invest in credit securities from companies with strong management, and balance sheets that display characteristics such as sufficient liquidity and low levels of gearing. Diversification is achieved mainly through investment in securities across a range of industries.
Recommended Investment Period 2 – 4 years
 Use of Derivatives  None
Asset Allocation 30 – 100% Fixed Interest
0  – 70% Cash
Single Security Limit 20% by book value
Investment Fee 0.50% + GST
Performance Fee N/A.
Minimum Investment $100,000